First blog post

Starting a new chapter…

I have been searching…searching for something to do with the time that I will have once my 5 year old daughter, Rylie goes to kindergarten.  I have been wanting to have a creative outlet, so I thought what a better way than starting a blog.  I know, it sounds so cliche’, but  it’s something that I have been pondering for a while.  So now, I am taking the leap, starting MY blog.  So many questions come to mind.  What will I write about? Why would anyone even care?  Who can I help with my posts?  There are so many unanswered questions that I think will be answered in due time.  But, in the meantime I will be on the hunt for the next best things to hit the market or become “on trend”.  So, you may be thinking what kind of things will be on this said blog?  Beauty and food, of course! These two things I am very passionate about.  I enjoy browsing the Sephora and Ulta websites for hours looking for the next best face primer, then I will flip a switch and head on over to the Vitacost website and see what newest and best Gluten free cracker hit the shelves.  I know, it is totally random, but it is me…it’s who I am.  So, now here I am passionate about so many things ready to start hitting the keys.  Now, only one question remains.  What will I write about tomorrow?  I guess you will just have come back to find out.  -Ashley


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